Placing Orders

Orders for all product categories, including the miscellaneous products available to DBG AF Associate Members, are placed directly with DBG. For greatest flexibility the order processes are:

DBG Independant Purchasing
For agrochem and fuel – you can choose to retain independant purchasing. DBG provide you with competitive pricing on which to base your own purchasing.

DBG Membership Full Ordering Service
As above with the additional benefit of our full ordering system on all of the above commodities, plus fertilisers and seed, supported by DBG’s industry experience and knowledge.

Stage 1 – Your place your order with DBG
Stage 2 – We source quotes from our supplier base
Stage 3 – We provide prices back to you
Stage 4 – We place an order on your behalf (with the exception of independant purchasers)
Stage 5 – DBG Membership – main farm inputs supplier provides goods and invoices you directly
Stage 6 – DBG AF Associate Membership – miscellaneous goods. Supplier provides goods, AF pay supplier & draw funds from members via direct debit

DBG AF Associate Membership
When purchasing miscellaneous products and services through your DBG associate membership, AF acts as the principal drawing payment from the members via direct debit. A levy is applied to each transaction and, depending on the product, this can be as little as 0.5% to 3.0%

A monthly account and statement is prepared for each member, clearly listing each purchase made during the period with copies of the original invoices attached. This account presents the levy categories and charges and provides a clear VAT analysis.

This monthly account is sent on, or about, the 14th of each month and payment is drawn by direct debit from the members bank on, or just after, the 26th working day of the month. Suppliers are paid by BACs with cleared funds by the last working day of the month.

Accounts are sent by eBilling which allows AF to collate the statement and invoice and provide backup supplier documents via email, reducing AF’s carbon footprint whilst providing an efficient service to members.

As an additional benefit you will receive a DBG AF membership card which can be used at all outlets where there are accounts in place. Some of these organisations will be national, such as Jewsons, whilst some will be local merchants which you use on a daily basis.

New accounts with local merchants can be created where there is sufficient demand (with the exception of independant purchasers) Stage 5 DBG membership – main farm inputs supplier provides goods and subsequently invoices you directly.

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