Being part of it

As described previously, DBG operate two levels of membership. The majority of our members choose to benefit from our full ordering system whilst a small number choose to retain their own independent purchasing.

The DBG AF Associate Membership can be applied to both categories, with members becoming shareholders in Anglia Farmers Limited holding 20x£1 shares. A sheet that outlines the benefits and costs of each class of membership and the DBG AF Associate Membership can be obtained from DBG.

Prospective new DBG AF Associate Members will be proposed by DBG and need to confirm that they will abide by AF’s trading regulations and complete the relevant application form, direct debit mandate, bank reference and membership declaration.

Applications are reviewed at monthly, confidential business executive meetings prior to a new member being accepted and comprehensive information packs and membership cards are sent accordingly. The annual membership fee will be invoiced on the first monthly account.

What DBG expects from Members

Confidentiality is the key to our success. All DBG members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and declaration of trust as a commitment to respect the confidential nature and sensitivity of the buying groups pricing information. Quotations are never discussed outside the membership of the buying group. This has resulted in the high level of trust with our suppliers and to excellent trading relationships. All members agree to keep all prices confidential and respect the manner of working which allows us to bring you some of the best prices in the industry. Members who are part of the DBG AF Associate Membership undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of Anglia Farmers.


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